Please Note

  • The processing period for visas is between 5-10 working days for normal application and 1-2 working days for urgent visas (express)
  • Each applicant must have all the requirements attached to their applications.
  • Group applicants should make sure that each application is attached with copies off all the requirements for each applicant, Failure to do so will lead to the applications not been processed.
  • Submission and collections of passports are only done on Mondays to Wednesdays between 9h00 am to 13h00 pm including express services.
  • The Consular is not open to the public outside the above mentioned hours.
  • Please all documents must be in English or translated into English.


Please click here to download Application forms

  1. Completion of a visa Application form number 3-1/0033 in duplicate signed and dated.
  2. Attach your original passport and a copy of the bio information page.
  3. Two recent passport photos with clear background (size 45mm?35mm).
  4. Passport must be 6months valid from the date of entry and at least three or more clean pages.
  5. Travel Medical /Health insurance.
  6. Proof of substancial funds for the duration of stay in Namibia.(3 month bank statement /? bank Guarantee)
  7. Copy of round trip itinerary indicating your trip in and out of Namibia ( Confirmed return? air ticket)
  8. Hotel Reservations.
  9. Letter of invitation and proof that they will be supported by a person who is a resident of Namibia or is a Namibian. Please attach proper contact details (street address and phone number of the invitee). Applicant must also submit a deed of surety signed by the invitee as well as proof of legal status of the invitee.
  10. Health requirement: visitors travelling to Namibia through a yellow fever area of Africa need to be inoculated against yellow fever.
  11. Visitors with tourist visa are not allowed to engage in any employment while in the country.
  12. Motivation letter of invitation and business contact in Namibia is required for a business travel explaining briefly the purpose of the business visit.
  13. Reason for request of double or multiple entries visa.
  14. Confirmed return ticket and confirmation of length of stay for transit visa.
  15. if accompanied by minors, full birth certificates are required.
  16. For Diplomatic/Official Visa applications, a note Verbale from the applicant?s Diplomatic Mission/Organisation is required. This ?Note Verbale? should state the full identity of the visa applicant and the grounds for him/ her holding a diplomatic/ official passport (position within the diplomatic Mission or family links with an official), the full details of the travel document,? the purpose and duration of stay in Namibia , an official invitation letter from Namibia and all above requirements.